End Time Global Mysteries
Revelation 22:16 "I Jesus have sent my angel  to testify to you these things in the churches"
Preparing the saints for the coming of the Lord
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Evangelist Howard & Inez Lewis
End Time Global Mysteries was stated in March of 2009 although it had been in the heart of Bro Howard for some time. In
April of 2008 God spoke to Bro Howard to leave his part time staff position at Tried Stone New Beginning Church in Cincinnati
Ohio. In the months following God began to deal with Bro. Howard about end time bible prophecy. One year later God told
bro. Howard to begin teaching and preaching the end time prophetic word. Thus End Time Global Mysteries was formed.

Today Evangelist Howard and his wife Inez travel the country teaching and preaching the end time message of bible prophecy.
They are determined to “Prepare the Saints for the Coming of the Lord”.  Howard and Inez attend many Bible prophecy
conferences each year to ensure they remain well informed by many of the leading bible prophecy teachers of today.

Some of the featured speaks include Dr. Chuck Missler, Dr. David Reagan, Dr. Joe Van koevering, Dr. Edhindson, Evan.
Donald Perkins, Dr. Larry Bates, Douglas Hamp, Grant Jeffrey, Dr. Tim Lahaye, Mark Hitchcock, and Jonathan Cahn. This
helps them to stay informed of the latest prophecy moves of God and stay up to date with world prophetic news. They have
been blessed to know some of these men personally and have had in depth conversations with then about current world events.
Please remember to pray for them as they travel the country teaching and train Gods chosen people to be faithful working and
watching and to be ready when our lord come. Yours in Christ; Evan Howard, and Inez Lewis.        
Thank You for visiting the End Time Global Mysteries website. On behalf of my wife,
Evangelist Inez Lewis and myself,  we're excited that you have taken a moment to
seek out the true word of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. On this website you will
find a wealth of material taught by myself as well as other respected colleagues who
have devoted their lives to teaching the subject of Bible Prophecy.
End Time Global Mysteries was established in April 2008 for the
expressed purposes of “Preparing Gods People for the Coming of the
Lord” and rising up Bible teachers and preachers to help carry this
message to the ends of the earth.
Preparing Saints for the Coming of the Lord



End Time Global Mysteries is dedicated to reaching the body
of Christ with the message of End Time Bible Prophecy. Our
over all mission is to prepare the saint for the coming of the
lord. We strive to encourage believers to stay in tune with the
signs of the times and be like the men of Issachar
understanding the times and knowing what Israel should do
(1 Ch.12:32). In order to do this you need information about
many things that are going on in the world around you. We
are dedicated to bring you current world events that we
believe have a direct barring on where we are in God's
Endtime schedule.

  • Do you understand the TIMES?

  • Are you ready for His COMING?

  • Are you PREPARED to meet the LORD IN THE  AIR?

Today remember to look up for your
redemption draweth nigh
(Luke 21:28)
This ministry is made possible only by your continual support and financial gifts
2014 International Bible Prophecy Conference
hosted by "God's News Behind the News" Dr. Joe
VanKoevering President and CEO.

From left to right: Evan. Donald Perkins, Evan. Gary
Kah, Pastor Joe VanKoevering, and Evan. Howard
L Lewis.
Six man convocation (QNA) panel from 2014
International Prophecy Conference hosted by
"Gods New behind the New"