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Revelation 22:16 "I Jesus have sent my angel  to testify to you these things in the churches"
Preparing the saints for the coming of the Lord
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Intercession & Spiritual Warfare
Howard and Inez with Jonathn Cahn
On a resent trip to NY and in the past nine months Inez and I
have come under attack from the enemy. As we began to
pray about what was happening and where we had maybe
opened a door for attack, the lord spoke to us what the
problem was. God said that because of the growth of the
ministry and the number of lives being changed and
delivered the enemy had set himself against us to stop us
and hinder us from fulfilling this call. We have been faithful
now for eight years to obey God in this call and that this was
a pivital year for us in terms of multiplication and increase.
God said the answer to the problem was to raise up 50
intercessors to pray for the ministry. This word from the lord
has been confirmed over and over again. Many people have
told us that they have been led by God to pray for us and felt
an urgency to do so. Matt.11:12 tells us that the kingdom of
God suffers violence and the violent take it by force. But I told
God we have a covering because we have a pastor and
attend a home church. God said thats right but they are there
to cover you and not necessarily your ministry. This stretches
far beyond the bounds of my local fellowship, beyond the
state, into the nations.  

We need the force of your intercession to be applied against
the attack or assault of the kingdom of darkness. If this word
is witnessing with you please check and see if you are to be
one of this ministries intercessors. if so please let us know by
sending us an e-mail to endtimeglobalmysteries@gmail.com.
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