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Revelation 22:16 "I Jesus have sent my angel  to testify to you these things in the churches"
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Your financial gifts help us to continue to proclaim the message of the Endtimes.
Thank you for choosing to support this work of taking Gods Endtime message to the church. Jesus told John in
Rev. 1:4 to take the message to the seven churches. Most Bible scholars will agree that the seven messages
represent the seven different church ages of which most scholars agree we are now in the last age. This being so
it becomes vitally important that the believer understand the Endtime message and how it relates to each one
personally and how it affects their service to God. Sadly many in the body of Christ have ignored this message but
due to recent national and world events many have been awakened and desire to know and understand more
about prophecy.
But the Bible says "how can the hear without a preacher and how can the preacher go except they are sent Rom.
10:14-15." After eight years of preaching and teaching this message and having the call confirmed by many well
known Prophecy speakers and Teachers there is no doubt that we are called and sent. We need your continued
financial gifts so we can keep reaching the world with this message. God is using us through this message to
change peoples lives and help re-align them for Endtime promotion and to make Kingdom Increase in the Lords
Great Harvest.

                                                                                                         Thank you and may Gods best be yours.
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Praise God Saints we are pleased to announce that beginning the 18th of November we will be in
NY holding a Bible Prophecy Conference at Restoration Revival Center Patchouge Long Island

Pastor Ellen Lewis

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